Advent Tour - Looking forward

I am slowly getting ready for Christmas.  While my garland is up and decorated and I have my gifts purchased and looking forward to wrapping them and I have the cards addressed and ready to set out for family and friends to receive them in the coming days and weeks, I am not fully ready.  I still have the lights on my balcony to put out, which I am looking forward to getting on in the coming days and today I will start my chocolate advent calendar.  I am also looking to seeing my sister in person for the first time since she left for school in early September.  I am also looking forward to spending more time with my parents and other family members and hopefully some of my friends as well.   But I think the thing that I am looking forward to the most is just kicking back and relaxing and enjoying the season.  I just want to be able to have more than a couple of days to sleep in and get caught up with things.

I am also looking forward to watching some of the Christmas movies that I have on hand and also a number of the books that I have signed out of the library.  I am also looking forward to making some Christmas goodies that I can share with others.


Marg said…
I have been looking at my calendar for the next few weeks and being a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for the reminder to relax a while too!

Thanks so much for your contribution to the tour, and for being brave enough to post on day 1!
Kailana said…
I think everyone needs to remember to relax during the holidays.

Thanks for joining in for the tour!
Court said…
Wow, you've got all your gifts purchased already? I am in awe!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!
betty said…
thanks for visiting our blog (a corgi in southern california) and your kind comment. I think you are doing great getting ready for Christmas! Lots of good things are getting accomplished! I bet you will enjoy the time you spend with your sister and your parents!! Merry Christmas!

Rikki said…
How great that you are already prepared and ready to realx. That is very important. Your post reminded me that I still have to get our Christmas cards ready.... Enjoy the advent time.
So many great things to look forward to! Love Christmas movies and decorating and baking. I'm also really looking forward to seeing my out-of-town sister for the first time in a few months. I hope you have a really wonderful holiday Melissa!
Tami said…
A little advance prep sure makes Christmas more relaxing. You sound like you're well on your way to a Merry Christmas. Enjoy!
Suey said…
Sounds like there's much to look forward to! Enjoy!
Chrisbookarama said…
Hope you get to enjoy all that you're looking forward to!
Susan said…
Thanks for your post, Melissa, I enjoy meeting you through this advent tour! I am so not ready yet - no cards are even picked. However, as you know, we have our tree up, and decorations out, so it feels like Christmas at our house. I really agree with you, rest and relaxation is so very much looked forwarded to through the holidays, for me! Lots of reading time then :-)

Happy holidays, Melissa!
cat said…
One of the things that gets over looked a lot this time of year IS relaxation. This is a nice reminder. Hoping to get my decorations up today. Normally I'm all about decorating the last night of November, but I just ran out of time!
Anonymous said…
My husband and I have been watching cheesy ABC Family Christmas movies for the last week. It is so relaxing to just slip away for a while in a predictable plot. I have held off until December to watch my favorites, however. I can't wait for Miracle on 34th Street!
I love watching Christmas movies during this season!

Thank you for joining in the advent tour.
Teddyree said…
You are so very organised ... I've done very little but I'm trying not to panic as stressing out will just put a dampner on Christmas cheer lol. I'm hoping by the time it comes to my turn on the advent tour I'll at least have sent cards or done some shopping.

Hope your lead-up to Christmas is relaxing
I'm so behind on decorating this year. I have the boys' presents all squared away, but the decorating is taking a back burner this year, unfortunately. Hopefully, everything will be up by the end of this weekend.

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