Sunday Salon - Looking back

As I write this, its about an hour and a half till 2012 and I am listening/reading to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and am starting to reflect on 2011.

This year I started to seriously use my blog on a more regular basis and have gained quite a few followers along the way.   I managed to read 44 books, which 6 more than I read in 2010, also read about 16, 400 pages, which was about 4, 000 more than I read the year.

This was also the year that manage to not finish a book that apparently everybody has seemed to love (A Visit to the Goon Squad), but I am hoping that at some point I will go back and read it.

I have a bunch of plans for the coming year and I hope to hear your particular thoughts about what I have read during the course of the year.  I will be making a change in regards to my reviews, in that I will be indicating the source of where I have read book, whether it has come from my personal library or it is a library copy or an audiobook or an e-book, etc.

Hope you all have a pleasant New Years and am wishing you all the best for the coming year.


A Visit to the Goon Squad was not my favorite by this fact, there were parts that I found very annoying....

I did enjoy other books by this author, like Look at Me and The Invisible Circus.

Have a great 2012.

Anonymous said…
I hope the New Year brings many good books to you!
Anonymous said…
I know somewhat how you feel with reading a book that everybody loves that you don't. I tried Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann and I just couldn't get into it at all, yet I still see other bloggers putting it on their "favorite books read" list for this past year. Go figure. :)
Anonymous said…
Visit to the Goon Squad is one of those dividing books, but I'm very much in the "it's pretentious, self-aware and try-hard" corner. I seem to have issues with the slew of authors that feel that presenting the words in a different, but not really helpful to the story, way - principally Mr David Eggers' Work of Staggering Genius. Anyway, enough of my ranting. Happy New Year!

P.S. Thanks for your comment!
I checked Goon Squad out of the library, tried a little, and turned it back in. So you are not alone!
I'm another against Goon Squad. I just didn't like it and gave up halfway through... Happy New Year! :)

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