What's on Your Nightstand - December 27

Didn't get a lot done this past month; seemed that I just couldn't get myself to calm down enough to get a number of books completed and it seems that only in the last few days that I have gotten to the point that I can just sit down and read, who knows what will happen in the next few days.  I suppose it didn't help that I had some fairly easy books that I was able to complete during November and December I just seemed to be caught up with getting the Steve Jobs book, which I didn't, but I plan on reading and completing it in the New Year.

1. Lost December
2. The Quiet Little Woman
3. The Christmas Wedding

What I am currently reading:
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I am still on my Harry Potter kick and am hoping to finishing this book in the next few days

• The Gift - I am going to spend more time reading this book over the next few days in hopes that I can get it done and comment on it; seem to be just not reading it.

I have a few other books that I am reading at the moment, but I those are the two that I am going to be concentrating on.  See you next month.


bekahcubed said…
December usually ends up being either a really good month for reading or a really bad month for reading--except that I'm not sure which it was for me :-)

The Louisa May Alcott stories sound interesting--and I always enjoy Evans, although it's true that he can be rather simplistic.
Oh, Harry Potter, how we all adore him. :)

Happy reading in 2012!
-Dawn, 5M4B
Anonymous said…
I thought I had read all Alcott's books, but I don't think I have seen that one. Will have to look for it!
Anonymous said…
I have struggled this month trying to quiet myself long enough to read! still need to finish up my last two books of the year!
I've been terrible about reading this month, too. I've been working on a challenge to read 50 books by the end of the year, and once I had the end in sight I just got lazy, LOL!

I found your site through the What's On Your Nightstand meme -- nice to meet you!

Lauren said…
I have had trouble fitting my reading in over the last few weeks as well. Thanks for sharing your list!

Lauren from 5M4B
Nancy said…
I reviewed Richard Paul Evans's Christmas book last year and really liked it. Lost December sounds more grounded in reality than Promise Me was. :) The Quiet Little Woman sounds good too, I wasn't aware these stories existed!

Trish said…
I am a sucker for Christmas stories, even if they are sometimes a bit cheesy!

Happy New Year!
Trish, 5MFB

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