Musing Mondays (Dec. 12)

This week Should Be Reading asks:

 What kind of books do you like to read?
Why? Provide specific examples.

The type of books that I like to read are generally literary fiction that have a strong narrative to them and also have strong characters.  I also don't like books that follow a certain formula to them, even though I sometimes will read them.  I also like to have the books to have a good pace to them because I can't read a book 24/7 and it has to have something that I can just pick up and continue on no matter what the storyline may be.

• The Tea Rose series: A really good narrative that keeps the reader reading and not wanting to put the book down and strong characters that make it worthwhile to keep on reading.  It doesn't help that the plotlines are intriguing and fascinating.

• The Harry Potter series: Even though the series is geared towards YA readers, the series keeps drawing me back due to the excellent characters and storylines that involve the wide cast of characters that Rowling dreamed up. 

• Jane Eyre: Strong characters, especially Jane, and a strong narrative that keeps you wondering what the real story behind not only Jane, but also Mr. Rochester.  It is also helps that Bronte was a good storyteller and wrote what she knew and had somewhat experienced herself.

• Pride & Prejudice: Has an excellent pace to the storyline and keeps the reader engaged in the storyline and pulling for Lizze and Darcy to get together and so forth.


Anonymous said…
I've loved every book you've mentioned! :)
Here’s my Musing Mondays post. :)
Great books! Some genres just reach us even when it is not out normal style. Take Hunger Games...LOL - great reads!
Danica Page said…
I loved Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, and Pride and I'm going to trust you when you say the Tea Rose series is incredible. Definitely checking that out.

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