#bloggiesta Spring 2014 Update No. 1

What a day.  Despite the stuff that I had to do today, I did manage to get a bit done off my Bloggiesta list

Here is what I got done:
• updated my Book Reviews by Year (and also by Title, as I found out that I had missed a few reviews under that title as well)
• updated my blogger photo
• dropped off a few books at a local cafe and have a few more to drop off tomorrow at another location
• got all of the reviews up to the end of 2011 cross-posted to Goodreads (just copied and pasted) and am hoping to get up to the end of 2012 cross-posted to Goodreads tomorrow

What I want to do tomorrow:
• drop off another bunch of books at another cafe in town
• cross post reviews of books read in 2012 onto Goodreads
• update "Currently Reading" on the sidebar


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