#bloggiesta Spring 2014 Finish Line

Here was the list that I wanted to work on:
• write 3 reviews and post to blog
• finish linking up reviews by year
• post reviews of books to Goodreads (basically copy and paste reviews of books from blog)
• update "Currently Reading" on sidebar of blog
• update blogger photo
• drop off unwanted books at cafes that have a book exchange
• participate in at least one Bloggiesta chat

 And I am happy to say that I did get quite a bit on the list completed.  There were some things that while completed didn't get onto the blog, for example I got a few reviews written longhand in a notebook that will likely make its way to my blog in the coming days.  I did post reviews to Goodreads, but only got up to the end of 2012, with reviews from 2013 and 2014 still needing to be put up on Goodreads and I probably will update my Goodreads reviews as I post them here.  I might decide to actually write my reviews longhand (you know with a pen and on a piece of paper) before I post them up, so that my reviews read better than they have up until know.  I didn't participate in a Bloggiesta chat due to the fact that I forgot about them on Thursday and Friday and was still asleep on Saturday and had a family obligation on Sunday, not that it didn't feel like an obligation (actually had a really good time), but I did chat on Saturday in the afternoon and evening, when there was a little bit of a chat going on.

Things I did complete was that I finished linking up reviews by year and found out that some reviews hadn't been linked up period.  So that was a success.  I also updated my "Currently Reading" links and I will hopefully keep that up as I complete books, etc.  I also updated my blogger photo; now you can see what I actually look like, if you are viewing this on my blog and I did drop off a bunch of books that I didn't really need any more at a cafe in town that has a book exchange for those that wish to do so and I hope that somebody can discover something to read and let me know in the process (I signed up at BookCrossing and those books are now in the "wild"; just wish they had an app...).  The only reason I didn't send more books into the "wild" is because on Friday I came down with a cold and didn't have the energy to go through my books, even though there is a small stack sitting on my coffee table waiting to be sent into the "wild".

I am looking forward to the bloggiesta in the fall and until then, happy blogging!


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