May Prompt - A Classics Challenge


This month the topic was Literary Movement.  And the book I chose was Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

The literary movement that this book is written from is Victorianism.  I tried to find something else that would describe the book more closely to what the book is, which I would place is Fantasy, but couldn't really find anything within a specific literary movement that would describe the book.    The values and ideals of the book that I can ascertain from reading what I have read is that somehow having an imagination or going to a place of imagination was not exactly idealized and the book talks a lot in metaphor.  Also the emergence of the notion of one having a "childhood", where one can dream about things that are not possible in the adult world.  Some of the other writers from this era are Charles Dickens, the Bronte Sisters, Mark Twain, Thomas Hardy, among others.


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