The Dirty Cowboy - Amy Timberlake

Title: The Dirty Cowboy
Author: Amy Timberlake; pictures by Adam Rex
Pages: 32
Published: 2003
Challenges: 2012 Support Your Library
Genre: Children's
Edition: Hardcover
Source: Library

Description (from book): Telling is faithful dog to make sure nobody touches his clothes but him, a cowboy jumps into a New Mexico river for a bath, not realizing just how much the scrubbing will change his scent.

Thoughts:  I read this book due to some news that this book had been removed from district's two elementary schools in The Annville-Cleona School District in Pennsylvania. And honestly, I didn't see anything wrong with it. Since its a children's book, everything that needs to be covered up is covered up.  While it didn't blow my mind away, it was a wonderful story about a cowboy who got dirty and when he noticed his own stench, he decided to take a bath.

Honestly, I don't see what the one parent thought that the book needed to be banned from two elementary schools and what the big deal was about.  Like I said before, anything that didn't need to be seen was hidden from view, either through blurring or through various objects in front.  Its funny how one parent can cause a book to be removed from a school.  

I realize that I am not a parent, but honestly if you have an issue with a book that your kid brings home from school, maybe you should either not allow them to sign things out from the school library and only allow them to sign out items from the public library that you approve of or go into your child's school library with your child and sign out a book with you there.  I honestly think that some parents have way too much time on their hands to make a child's book an issue.

Bottom line: If your kids like stories involving either the characters getting dirty or cowboys, they will enjoy this, if you don't mind the subject matter.

Rating: 4/5

Pages for 2012: 9217


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