First Chapter - First Paragaph(s) - Tuesday Intros (Jan. 28)

Here is my choice:

A Great Game by Stephen J. Harper
Originally published November 2013

March 14, 1908: Saturday night at the Montreal Arena at the corner of St. Catherine Street and Wood Avenue.  Also known as Westmount Arena, the ten-year-old hockey rink with the natural ice and the novel rounded corners is the largest int eh country.  Along with many hundreds who will stand, 4,500 fans will cram into the rows of hard wooden seats they can soften and warm with rugs available for rent.
Outdoors, it has been a mild, springlike day at the tail end of a soft winter in which the St. Lawrence River has remained open longer than it has for thirty years.  Indoors, a battle for the Stanley Cup is about to begin.

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