Read One Million Pages Challenge

I know that some of you are thinking what is she doing and is she nuts?   Well what I am doing is entering a challenge to read one million pages in my lifetime.  And yes, I am nuts.  Its a pretty simple concept: read one million pages.   If you wish to join me in the challenge, you can sign up at Smiling Shelves.

I don't know what the rate would be at about 20,000 pages per year, but gathering on the information that I can gather from the blog that is hosting this that it may take me about 50 years, but if I read more, it would take me a shorter amount of time.  Not this year, but in 2015, I will keep a running total at the end of book reviews so that (a) its easier for me to keep track of the number of pages read and (b) you can see my progress.  I will also update this page at the end of each year and get a progress bar set up, if I can find a site that does this sort of thing that just adds it up for me).



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