Sunday Salon - A busy week of reading and other stuff

What a week and a half of reading its been and honestly I would like to take a bit of a break from it, but there are books to be read in the next couple of days.  Aren't there always?

Surprisingly, I haven't really gone outside to do any reading, as I have also had the problem of a PVR that had too many recordings on it and needed to watch those items.  And I have managed to get them watched and deleted, except for 3 FIFA matches from Friday and Saturday that I hope to watch today and tomorrow, in addition to the men's Wimbeldon final (Go Roger!).

What I am amazed at is the variety of books that I have read: from an amazing YA novel (Perks of Being a Wallflower) to books that are a little lighter (His Majesty's Hope & The Rosie Project) to what I would consider a book that could be a classic in the coming years (The Remains of the Day).  

The book that surprised me the most was Summer House with Swimming Pool, in that I was sort of expecting sort of the same sort of story that Koch wrote with The Dinner last year.  It wasn't that I didn't like The Dinner, it was partly that I had pretty high expectations of the book and that it basically didn't live up to those expectations.  While I enjoyed Summer House and its premise,  I thought that the ability of Koch to draw me into the story was more effective.

As for this week, I have 3 books that I will be finishing up for sure and I hope to have at least two of them completed tomorrow.

This past week I celebrated Canada Day (sort of the Canadian equivalent to Independence Day in the States) by going to a beach side community and getting some fish and chips.  I now know not to go to White Rock on Canada Day, as it seems as though a lot of people from the Lower Mainland seem to descend on the community to cool down, especially on hot summer days.  Besides having to walk far up the hill to find my car afterwards, I had a good time and the fish and chips were wonderful, but I think I'll wait to have some again; maybe at the end of the summer I'll go down again on a weekday to enjoy the beach a little more than I did.

This week I am starting a Coursea course on the French Revolution, which I am really looking forward to. A friend of mine mentioned it in some texts while we were chatting about stuff and it looked interesting and I hope to learn some interesting things about the French Revolution.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and happy reading.

Books finished since my last Sunday Salon: 
• The Rosie Project
• Summerhouse with Swimming Pool
• The Light between Oceans

Books I hope to finish this coming week:
• Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
• Levels of Life
• Speaking from Among the Bones


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