Summer Reading List 2014

As the days get longer and warmer, the more I start think about what I would like to read in the coming months. I find that my reads get longer during the summer months and that I also like books that have got some "meat" on them, even though having a fun read is also nice to have. Last summer I was lucky to find some reads I really enjoyed and I hope that I will do so this coming summer, but since I finished A Clash of Kings recently, I will not be reading another of George R. R. Martin's books this coming summer; one of his books a year is enough, at least for me.  But never fear there will be chunkster or two on the list.  So without further adieu, here it is...

Summer reading list:
1) The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt:  I bought this book at Christmas off a gift card from my sister with the intent that I would read it during the winter and spring, but other books got in the way and I didn't get around to it.  So hopefully during the summer I'll get to it.

2) Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley: The fifth book in the Flavia de Luce series and this should keep me happy for a bit.

3) Mrs. Hemingway by Naomi Wood: Looks at the lives of each of Ernest Hemmingway's wives.  Was interested after I heard the author interviewed on You Wrote the Book this past spring.  If you have read The Paris Wife and you liked it, you'll probably enjoy this one.

4) The Vactioners by Emma Straub: Heard about this book through the Book Riot podcast and was interested enough in the premise that I pre-ordered this book along with Mrs. Hemmingway and was greatly surprised to see it arrive yesterday afternoon.  Both of these books are under 300 pages, so they should be quick reads.

5) Runaway and Dear Life by Alice Munro: I bought Runaway and got Dear Life as a gift this past winter, with the thought that I would read them during the winter, but like The Goldfinch, it was set aside for other reads.

6) The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood:  I have had a copy of this book for a number of years and have wanted to read it.  Not a big fan of dystopic fiction (a Russian literature course in which I read We by Yevgeny Zamyatin made me have a strong dislike for dystopic literature), but being a fan of some of her other books, with Alias Grace being my favourite, I am going to give it a go.

7) The Girl who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor: Bought this as an ebook a week ago through book bub (cost me about $2, compared to probably about $10-12) and am seeing this as one of my lighter reads...

8) Outlander by Diana


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