Sunday Salon - Currently (April. 14)

I am only doing the below because I just can't think of what to write today.

Time //  11:22  a.m.
Place // On the couch
Eating //  Nothing at the moment, although my stomach wishes it had more for breakfast.
Drinking // Lukewarm coffee.
Reading // Crime and Punishment and just started reading A Red Herring without Mustard.
Watching // A hockey game between the Blackhawks and the Blues on NBC, but am watching things on other channels as well.
Listening // Listened to a bunch of podcasts this past week, but I have been mainly catching up on my Prime Time Sports and a podcast from LibriVox for C&P (I tried reading it without this sort of podcast and I only got through half and now I am almost done). At the present I am listening to The History of English (language that is; very fascinating if you like history and if you have an interest in linguists)
Blogging // A couple of reviews for books that I had completed a couple of weeks ago went up (The Chaperone and The Accursed), other than that, its been pretty quiet on the blog; am planning on doing more blogging this coming week. 
Promoting // Nothing
Writing // Nothing, unless you count blog posts.
Researching // Nothing.
Hating // The dull grey weather, but its mid-April, and the fact that the songs from Les Mis are consistently playing in my head (even can hear "Javert's Suicide" as I listen to my podcast).
Avoiding // Grocery shopping and getting ready for the day and whatever else needs to be done around my place.
Anticipating // Watching episode 2 of Mad Men.
Hope you have a relaxing Sunday
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