#Readathon - Update No. 9

As I write this, I am reading one of my final books for the readathon.  I don't know how many pages I have read up until this point, but safe to say it probably is around 300 pages.  I will have a final page count when I post my finale post sometime later today or tomorrow.

I really need some sleep, but with 2 hours left, I believe I can do it.  It really is hard to believe that almost 24 hours ago I started this amazing journey and as a result I have gotten a number of books on their way completed.  I have gotten a good portion of the first part of the second book for War & Peace as I write this and by the time that the readathon is completed, I should have it done.   I also finished The Prince by Machiavelli completed and have a number of other books I am reading on their way to being done and I hope that sometime this week I can have at least one of those books completed.

With that being said, I said good morning and hopefully those that are participating are able to get some sort of sleep.  I will give my final numbers later in the day.


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