Sunday Salon - End of the month and Happy Canada Day

As I was watching the first season of Modern Family on DVD, I realized that my former post for today wasn't great and was rather short. I also realized that I did have something to say for today and I apologize to those that are seeing a link from me again, one with a link that doesn't exist any more and now with a link that does work, so I apologize.

Anyways, June was a busy reading month for me.  Between June 1 and June 29, I managed to complete 6 books (one I completed on May 31 and put up the review on June 1).  I read 2453 pages, including one e-book.  I only got one book done this past week.

July looks to be a little less hectic in terms of reading, but by no means will I stop reading.  I may push myself a little more to get some more books done during this month, but I will see how I feel (I am feeling quite exhausted at the moment and just want to go and sleep for a bit tonight).

Before I go,  I want to wish my Canadian readers a Happy Canada Day and my American readers a Happy Independence Day.  Hope wherever you are going you travel safely and have a good time with family or friends or however you choose to spend the day.

1) The Concubine Saga (review)



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