Booking Through Thursday - Secondly

Booking Through Thursday asks this week:

Favourite secondary characters? (Note the plural)

 I have a couple of secondary characters that I love.  My first choice would be Mrs. Fairfax from Jane Eyre.  I don't know why, but maybe its the fact that she takes care of Jane and is sort of a mother figure in her life, when she has few, if any type of mother-like figures in her life.  She is the one that is willing to protect Jane from the realities of Mr. Rochester's wife and also guides her in making sure that Jane makes the right decisions.  My second choice would have to be Severus Snape.  I realize that for the first five books in the Harry Potter series, he is anything but a sympathetic character, but once I had read the sixth book, I found sympathy for Snape and realized that he just had Harry's best interest in mind.


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