Sunday Salon - Simple and Sweet

I honestly don't know what to post this week, as it has been a bit of stressful week, at least from my perspective it has (as I said to a friend of mine, what is stressful for one person, can be not stressful).

Despite my somewhat stressful week, I did have some positive things happen.  First off my main e-reader (I have two, the Kobo Vox and the Kobo Touch, the Vox being my primary e-reader) got the new download onto the device and I was able to start reading on it again.  Secondly, I was able to catch up on my Bleak House read-a-long for Week Six.  Thirdly, I was able to get a book I had been reading for a couple of months completed, despite the fact that I could have finished it earlier.

Managed to go and see the 3-D version of Titanic this week with a friend and this time I can honestly say that the acting really is cheesy and I can see why they didn't get any acting awards back in 1998 (Leonardo DiCaprio saw a screening of the movie and came away with the same sentiments; at least his acting has improved since that movie to the point that I really did think he was J. Edgar Hoover in his last film).  Seeing the film with my friend brought back some good memories, but I think what was funny was the two 20 years olds who were behind us, giggling the entire time (they were probably not old enough to see the film the first time around or if they did, they had their parents come with them).  While I thought it was a little rude, I can see where they were coming from; if I were their age, I would probably be giggling along with them, as there were a number of lines that were over the top).  And despite the fact that I thought to myself that I wouldn't cry at the end of the movie, I did.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, however you may be spending it.

Book reviews:
1) The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh (review)
2) The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle (review)


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