I really need to weigh in...

I rarely make non-book or non-blog related posts here.  The only exceptions would be if something serious has happened in my life or my Sunday Salon posts or when I need to say something about my beloved team.  And today I am making that exception.

If you follow me on my main twitter account or Facebook, you know that the season ended on Sunday evening for the Canucks. And today the team had their final media scrum from the various players and the final words on the season from the General Manager (I don't get why the GM has to say something about his analysis, because with the Entry Draft around the corner they will be analyzing the needs of the yet again; personally I think its a waste of time and ink space, but I digress).  And there were a couple of things that came out of the day, one that was not exactly surprising and the other that was a complete surprise.

Back in March the Canucks traded a young player to another team out East and it came out that the player did request to be moved.  Well rather he wanted more playing time, but that the fact that he had two established centres ahead of him, there was no chance of that, so that was no surprise.  The second thing that came out of the final day of interviews was that the Canucks main goaltender, who has a huge contract and a no-movement clause, is actually willing to waive the no movement clause, if the team could get somebody who would be willing to take on his huge, multi-year contract.  The Canucks have a younger goaltender who is probably in some respects better than the main goaltender.   And honestly I hope they move Luongo; maybe fans can booo him instead of Luuuuu him.


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