Sunday Salon - Glad its a new week

I am so glad that a new week is starting; last week was one to forget.  It was also a week that I am still recovering from.  Its not that it ended badly; it ended great, its just that for most of the week I was wandering through a fog.  It was a week I hope to forget very soon and hope to in the next few days.

It started off  ok, but Monday went downhill quickly and resulted in a few nights of very little sleep that I am still recovering from.  I suppose it didn't help that my favourite team suffered two very lousy losses and for where I live, there was nothing but talk of the two lousy losses (the team lost 8-1 on Monday and then 4-0 on Wednesday), but Friday's 1-0 win helped to make the week end on a better note and finishing a book helped with it all.  Saturday was a tad crazy and I am looking forward to having Sunday to myself and to just chill out in my apartment for most of the day, as I am really tired and can barely keep my eyes open...


Oh, don't you hate weeks like that? But things can only improve, right?

Hoping for a better week....


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