24 Hour Readathon

In about 7 hours the 24 readathon will commence (5 am Pacific).  This is one time I wouldn't mind being out east for the start.  I am planning only doing it for about 12 hours, as I am going to a party in the evening and I will be very tired once I get home.

I am planning on reading:
• Harry Potter #3
• Bones, Blood, & Butter
• War & Peace (the P&V translation)
• Deja Dead
• A Vision in White
• Pride & Prejudice

I got some food (mostly easy foods that are in jars and packages and I have Coke in the fridge for a pick me up in the afternoon) and I have lunch that can be microwaved or just thrown into a bowl.  Breakfast will likely be something like Cherrios, toast and coffee, as I don't want to be spending time making something like eggs, which require one to be at the stove watching them.  I will get my dishes done while I sleep.  Anything else will have to wait.  I have music/podcasts to help me with reading and maybe I will have the Masters on as I read to help with the noise.

I also plan to work on Facebook stuff as I read to keep my mind sharp, when I might need it.

I will be going to bed as soon as my movie is over or as soon as I can get the dishes into the dishwasher.


Hey girl! Glad you're doing the read-a-thon too! Good luck. =O)

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