Sunday Salon - Spring 2015 Bloggiesta

It's that time of  again when the lovely folks at Bloggiesta remind us bloggers that it is bloggiesta once again.

I realize that I have some readers wondering what is Bloggiesta and what is exactly done during this time?

To put it simply, it is that time of the year when bloggers put together a to-do list for their blog, whether it be a blog about reading or whatever else you blog about.  It basically is a blogging marathon  (aka spring cleaning) to improve your blog or to get things done that need to get done that you haven't done yet. So if you haven't caught up with your reviews from the past few months, this is
your chance to do so.  While the vast majority of people who participate are readers, those who blog on other subjects are also welcome. So if you blog about computers or sports or whatever else, you are welcome to join the rest of us.

My to-do list for this bloggiesta is pretty simple: catch-up on book reviews from January through March and link up with my reviews on Pinterest and update my currently read list on Pinterest as well.

If you wish to sign up, you can go to and sign up (or you can click the button). 

As for my week in reading, it wasn't really that great.  While I did read quite a bit from Shadows of the Night, The Color Purple and Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, I didn't exactly finish anything.  I am hoping that I will finish at least something by this time next week (actually I do, as I have to get a book done for my book club, but none of the books stated above).

Hope you all have a good Sunday.


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