Sunday Salon - Right Now (1/12/14)

Time: 3:43 pm
Place: Home
Listening: Not much
Eating: Going to grab a snack after I finish this and post.
Watching: The AFC Championship.  Looking like its a match up between Payton Manning and Tom Brady next week.
Reading: Right now, I am trying to read Winter's Tale, but am starting to get a bit bored with it.
Making: Made some meatballs for tomorrow night's dinner this afternoon.
Planning: On doing not much for the next few days; did a lot last week and am feeling a little bit tired.
Feeling: Frustrated.  I don't really know why, but it just seems like nothing is going the way that I would like it to.
Loving: that I can relax for a little bit.
Wanting: not to think much at the moment.
Thinking: that I just want to relax
Looking forward to: a more relaxed week in which I can watch some DVDs and read a little more.

• Starry Night by Debbie Macomber (review)
• Villette by Charlotte Bronte (review)
• Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews (review)


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