Sunday Salon - Right Now

Listening to...  podcasts; trying to catch up, but it seems as soon as I am able to catch up, I fall behind, but slowly but surely I will get them under control.

Eating... Just ate some breakfast and am thinking about what to pack for a few hours at the pool.

Watching... A bit of everything.  At the moment I am watching a Blue Jays game.  I have been watching Season 5 of House; love the show.  I have been watching Big Brother 15 after the Aaryn stuff and its amazing how a group of people can have such antiquated views.

Reading... Reading a bunch of stuff.  I got a bunch of reading done the other week, but for some reason the reading keeps piling up.

Making... Nothing really; not the DIY type of person. And I really haven't gotten any sort of baking done, especially at this time of year.

Planning... What? Nothing at the moment; am on summer time for the next month or so.

Feeling... A tad groggy.  Didn't get to sleep due to some nasty bits on my heel and in between my toes.

Loving... that I can work on my tan for the next bit, depending on the weather.

Wanting... to go to sleep at a decent time and therefore get up at a decent time.  Guess I shouldn't force it and it will come.

Thinking... that I need to get to the pool as soon as possible or I won't get a chair

Looking forward to... At this point, I don't really know.  Most of the stuff that I wanted to do this summer has pretty much been completed. But if I had to say something, getting more books completed, especially those that were for read-a-longs.

1)  Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple (review)
2) The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau (review)
3) The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy (review)
4) The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka (review)


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