The Classics Club Readathon Starting Post

To start off, I don't know how much reading I will get done today, as I will be fairly preoccupied for probably most of it, but I will join in for as much as I am able to do so, with most of it being probably in the evening and early morning hours.

1. Name and blog: Melissa W. @ Jayne's Books
2. Snacks and Beverages of choice: whatever I have on hand
3. Where are you reading from today?  From BC, Canada
4. What your goals for today?  To get my reading from Persuasion for a read-a-long for this week completed, to get a bit more of Anna Karenina completed and to get Pride & Prejudice started.
5. What book(s) are you planning on reading? Persuasion, Anna Karenina, and Pride & Prejudice
6. Are you excited? Right now, I am tired and a bit stiff from skiing yesterday....


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