What's on Your Nightstand - January 24

I got the last three Harry Potter books, but I have started the series all over again.  I haven't had a lot of time to read, but somehow I have managed to fit in quite a bit this month.  I also completed my first ebook and really liked the experience (got an e-reader for Christmas from my parents) and have started my second ebook from the library.  I will still do most of my reading with paper books, as I don't have the resources to get more e-books.

I have also started a bunch of my bigger books and quite honestly I am finding them to be quite readable and found myself reading out of them more often than not.  I got a Shakespeare play completed in an afternoon and while it wasn't my favourite one, I really enjoyed it, even though I have seen it performed on stage and on the screen.

1. Little House on the Prairie
2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
3. Mini-Shopaholic

On my nightstand:
The Gift 
What Alice Knew 
The Great Gatsby
The Help
The Scarlet Letter 
Anna Karenina *
Les Miserables *
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 
The Cat's Table 
Steve Jobs 
The Marriage Plot

* = month/year long reads


Upstatemamma said…
I love the Harry Potter series. I finished it a few months ago. My husband and son are in the middle of it. And you are now the third person in a row to be reading a "Little House" series book. I read those as a kid and loved them.
A lot of great books on your list! I read and adored The Help (like everyone else!) - happy reading!
Really great list! I just finished Steve Jobs (and reviewed it yesterday on 5M4B).
Cassandra said…
What a varied list! Good luck getting through everything!
Jennifer said…
Nice list! I've read a few of them: Little House on the Prairie, The Great Gatsby, The Help, and The Scarlet Letter.

The Great Gatsby is interesting. It's one I think I need to re-read to fully understand. I started Les Mis a while back but, as you point out, it is definitely what I would consider a year (or more) long read!

Happy reading!

What's On My Nightstand

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