2010 reading resolutions

Here are my reading resolutions for 2010:

• To spend more time at home reading. I spend way too much time online at home and need to spend less time online during the day and spend more time reading

• To reduce my library collection and to either donate my books to a good cause or give them to somebody who would also appreciate them

• To make an effort to read genres I haven't read or don't like reading.

• To finish a book from my bookclub that I am not presenting and to finish a former selection of my book club.

• To read at least 50 books and 15,000 pages during the year.

• To reduce the number of books that I have out from libraries at any one time. Libraries are like my crack cocaine and I also seem to bite off more than I can chew. In other words I tend to borrow more books than I can possibly read at one time. I am possibly thinking of limiting myself to 10 books from my public library and about 3 or 4 books from my church library.

• To read something like Anna Karenina or Moby Dick or The Count of Monte Cristo and to finish it!


Jenny Girl said…
These are great resolutions. I always say books are my crack too, because I just love looking at books in stores, libraries, wherever I can find them. I have read Anna Karenina and Count of Monte Cristo and enjoyed themimmensely. More than I thought I would, so they were a pleasant surprise.
Good luck and so happy you can join us :)

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