2010 Virtual Advent Tour

My blog post is going to about a Christmas tradition that most years my family does.

I don't know when it started, but it was when I was a kid that my dad recorded an airing of the black&white version of the Alistair Sim version of A Christmas Carol.  It got to the point that the VHS tape that my dad had got a little warped and so he would try to tape it on Christmas Eve so that we could watch the movie on Christmas Day.  I don't know why it had to be the B&W version, but I guess one of the scenes was a little more creepier than in the colourized version and so it was the B&W version that we have watched.  My dad likes the scene with the third ghost so much that when he got a dark green housecoat one year, he mimicked the third ghost

One Christmas, about 5 or 6 years ago, I was in a local video/music store just looking around one afternoon and found a redone version of A Christmas Carol in B&W on DVD.  I let my dad record the B&W version that was playing on TV at around midnight on Christmas Day and he really enjoyed the surprise that was under the tree the next morning.   And almost every year since we have had the DVD, we have watched it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season.


Marg said…
I don't really have a favourite Christmas movie that I watch, but I generally watch a Christmas Carol service on TV on Christmas Eve while I do that last minute wrapping!

Thank you for participating in the advent tour!
Melissa said…
We also love watching The Christmas Carol, though our version is the Muppets. My husband really likes the George C. Scott one, too. It's a great story.
Anonymous said…
That such fun! We used to watch The Sound of Music quite often around Christmas. It used to be on t.v. every year. But the last few years maybe we've missed it or it's no longer on. It was always something that went with Christmas.
GeraniumCat said…
I've always loved that version of The Christmas Carol - what a lovely tradition!
Margot said…
We like seeing different versions of A Christmas Carol. I almost always read the story as well - out loud. There's just nothing like Dickens original words.
Jan said…
Yes i love that version with Alistair Sim too. However there are some great other versions too which are interesting to watch. My Dad liked to watch the musical version every Christmas but it sounds like yours has a real soft spot for the black and white one. I agree that the b and w makes certain scenes more scary!
Court said…
I hate to admit it, but I've never actually seen the Alistair Sim version.... which is crazy-talk, but unfortunately true. We have a movie we have to watch every year too - White Christmas.
Anonymous said…
And I know that when you found that copy of the b&w classic, it was like striking gold, wasn't it?
and delighted to find that we share the same appreciation of the very same version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. We have every version of the story we can find (altho' not the Jim Carey version, not yet. geez, that one is weird.)

This was a special post and I am sharing it with my family. I love Christmas and all the things about it that weave us all together!
Anonymous said…
i read A Christmas Carol every couple of years - there is a new DVD movie out this year - with Jim Carrie I think we will borrow it soon to checj this version out :)
boliyou said…
I have to watch at least one version of A Christmas Carol, and read the book each year. How great that your family has a favorite version that you share together.

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