What's on Your Nightstand? (Sept. 25)

Can't believe that the end of September is already here and that in about a week and a half, Canadians will be taking part in the annual gorge fest that is Thanksgiving (Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving the second Monday in October).

Anyways, its been a couple of months since I last posted here, but life got in the way last month and I didn't do it (I think I forgot).  At the moment I reading A Farewell to Arms for my book club and Wuthering Heights for a read-a-long, along with the usual books that I have been reading throughout the year.  I am going to have A Farewell to Arms done by Saturday, well at least I hope so.

Here are the books that I have completed since the end of July:
1) The Turning of Anne Merrick
2) The Rebel Wife
3) Canada at War
4) Henry V
5) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
6) Lady of Milkweed Manor
7) Fire
8) The Crown
9) A Race to Splendor

Talk to you in about 4 weeks!


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