Sunday Salon - Back to the routine...

This week has seen me back to work and off vacation.  Honestly, its nice to be back to work, as it also means that I will likely be reading more than I have been over the past couple of months, especially August, which saw me not complete a lot and feel discourage with my lack of completing books.  While I was able to complete a few books during the month of August, it wasn't at a rate I had expected.

This past week saw me complete one book, but also getting a couple of reviews up and working on a number of books that I need to work on.  I also hit 50 books read for the year and I still have about 3 months left until the end of the year.  Guess I am getting my reading mojo back ;)

1) Fire by Kristin Cashore (review)
2) The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau (review)


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