Sunday Salon - Changing face of reading and Church

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting in church, I counted the number of electronic devices that people were using to read their bible off of. As you can guess, I am a regular church goer and hence I notice these sort of things and I am also a user of several e-devices and couldn't help noticing that sort of thing.  I think I counted about 10-15 devices within the area I was sitting in.

It used to be that people would bring their Bibles and it was basically one or two different versions and now I don't know how many versions people are reading off of when I am listening to a sermon (knowing my church, it probably is still one or two versions, as we have switched to primarily ESV).  Most people in church are probably reading off their iPhones or whatever smartphone they have, but there were a few that were that had their Bible on a tablet of some sort or an e-reader.

The availability of books on e-readers and tablets has changed the way people read and interact with books and I would think that there are people have multiple devices that they read off of whether they have a smartphone and an e-reader or a tablet of some sort that they do their reading.  And I think that has changed how people read and interact with their Bibles, as they can choose what app they download to read and even if they have multiple Bible apps, depending on the features that the app that they use has (the app that I primarily use doesn't have much in form of features in terms of maps, etc. and am considering at least getting another one for my iPhone so that I can at least access those sort of things that my current app doesn't have).

It will be interesting to see how churches and publishers will adapt to people using smartphones and tablets to read the Bible.

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