Weekend Cooking - Need some help...

I hate doing this, especially since I know that this feature is to share things among readers, but I have to.

I am not much of a cook and I would rather make something that comes from a can or a bag and is done within a few minutes.  Basically I am not much of a cook and I really don't like doing it and I would rather just have something to eat quickly and be done with the task, as I would rather be online, reading a book or watching TV, not spending my time cooking.  But in the last few months, I have an itching to cook food that basically doesn't come from a can or a bag.  Problem is I don't have many cooking skills and feel like I am constantly looking for something that I can quickly put together for dinner and have leftovers for lunch.  Sure I have a few meals that I can make, but like I said earlier, they come from cans and bags, not a lot of fresh food.  The other problem is that I am primarily on my own and therefore try to make things that are basically for one person and there isn't much that I can make, as most recipes that I want to try usually are for those with four or more and somehow don't translate well to decreasing the amount for one or two people.  And I have found that the cookbooks that are out there translate mostly to people who know how to cook, not to people who don't have many cooking skills.

So my question is this: are there any cookbooks that you can recommend that are for singles that don't have many cooking skills?  Yes, I do have a Betty Crocker cookbook, but I seem to only use the section for steaming veggies and not much else.


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