Sunday Salon - A wacky few weeks...

First off, I want to apologize to those that read my blog on a regular basis that I wasn't posting over the last few weeks.  Simply what happened was that life happened and it didn't help that I was engrossed in watching the Olympics pretty much from the time I got up in the morning till I went to bed.  And yes, most of that was live on my TV, not through an internet connection.  Part of the reason was that unlike the United States, which has this stupid thing with tape-delaying events for prime time, Canadian networks that show the Olympics, usually do it live, whether it be CBC or CTV.  Yes it did mean that the live action ended at around 1 pm Pacific from the London games, but it also meant that I still had most of the day to do things. And yes, there were a couple of mornings I was up 1 am watching heats and qualification rounds (heck, I saw Phelps nearly knocked out of his first swim final on the first or second day of competition and saw a number of male gymnasts fall off apparatus during the qualification round).  But in any case, I wasn't reading much and not exactly in the mood to read, but that has changed in the last few days, where I have gotten my reading mojo back and I am probably more pleasant to be around.

But despite this, its been a rather wacky summer and for some reason I just don't feel like myself.  Maybe its due to the change that has been going on in my family and maybe its because I would like something that I don't have.  I suppose a major culprit has been the fact that my mom retired from teaching this past March and that my mom's dad got sick this past June and the fact that I got used to having my dad out of my life for long periods of time and suddenly he's back from his year up in the Yukon and there's more adjustment for me and therefore it will take me that much longer to readjust again.  But I think a huge part of it was that my routine was gone for July and August and after a couple of weeks off, I really wanted to go back and felt bored when I was at home.  At times, I felt like I was spinning my tires trying to find something to do at times to occupy my time and felt like I was missing out on something and was very frustrating at times.  I think this was due to the lack of routine.

I finished a few books this week, but only managed one review this past week.  I am hoping to get the other three reviews up sometime this week and link to them in a future Sunday Salon.

1) The Rebel Wife by Taylor M. Polites (review)


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