Booking Through Thursday - Conversions

Booking Through Thursday asks this week:

Do you find yourself thinking about that the books you read would be good on film? Do you wish things you watched on TV or in the movies were available as books?

Firstly, I do occasionally do find myself thinking that the book I am reading would be good as a movie, but that is very rare.  To answer the second question, not necessarily.  While I like reading books a lot, I don't necessarily want them in book form. The reason being is that a lot of the books that I have read that are published after the movie or TV series has aired are usually not as good as if they had been published prior to watching the movie or TV show.  I think that if one is going to publish a book, it should be something like what was put together for Downton Abbey; basically a companion book rather than an actual book based on the movie or TV show.


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