What's on Your Nightstand - February 28

Its been quite a month of reading.  I have finished a number of looong books, but some them in e-format, which has been a bit of a challenge due to the fact that my e-reader doesn't have e-ink available and therefore means I will likely have to get a second e-reader in order to read out in the sunshine, when summer comes in a few months, or at least when the warmer weather comes.

That aside, it was an amazing month for reading and despite the fact that I am getting a little tight on time for a couple of books, one will have to likely to wait until early March to finish/complete, I have read and reviewed a number of fascinating books, which the last two books that I completed in the last two days don't have a review, but will be posted alongside the March books.  I digress.

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
3. The Scarlet Letter
4. The Help
5. The Cat's Table
6. The Marriage Plot
7. The Gift
8. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
9. The Kitchen Counter School: How a Few Simple Lessons Transformed Nine Culinary Novices Into Fearless Home Cooks
10. 11/22/63
11. My Life in France
12. Anya's Ghost

Yes, that is correct I read and reviewed 12 books since the last What's on your Nightstand on January 24.  Part of the reason that I was able to read so much was because of a vacation, that I am currently finishing up and I didn't want to bring along all those books and also because I just spend a lot of time finding things to watch as I read, aka sports, as I found that if I watched my sports along with listening to a podcast or two or three, I could get big chunks of books done.  Also there was the time crunch and also I don't like bringing books back to the library unread.

On my nightstand:


Barbara H. said…
I read The Help since last time, too -- I'll go check out your review in a moment.

Wow, you've got quite a list there, both of what you've read this month and what's on your nightstand! I read the unabridged version of Les Mis a year or two ago, at 1440 pages. I was glad I did once, and usually I prefer unabridged, but that's one that is probably better abridged. I got Bleak House last year when Borders went out of business, but it sounds so...bleak. I do want to get into it some time, though.
That is quite a list! I read and really enjoyed The Help last year and also read and loved the HP series.

My Life in France and Madam Tussaud are both on my "To Read" list also.

Happy reading!
Yes, lots of reading and some big books!! I do love vacation binges! I'm hoping that happens for me over Spring break this month.
Monica said…
WOW! ALOt of big books on your list. I started Anna Karenina last year but tabled it because I was too distracted to really get into it. Looks like I will have to come back here and read some reviews soon. You have some really great sounding books that I would like to check into...Happy March!
Mrs. Bacon said…
I loved My Life In France. I just finished it. You have a very robust list of books. What sort of ereader do you have? I am looking to get one this summer.
Melinda said…
That's great that you were able to read so many books. It's even more impressive that you wrote that many reviews! I want to do a better job of writing reviews of the books I read, but I find it challenging to do so.
Melissa said…
@Barbara Thank you for leaving a comment over at the review for The Help. I realize it was quite a list for both. I haven't read a lot of Les Miserables, but I am hoping to do so soon.

@JenE When I started reading My Life in France, I had Meryl Streep's voice in my head from Julie and Julia. I love the HP series as well. Thank you.

@JenniferDonovan I did it before my vacation as some of them were fairly big and were also two week loans. Make sure you have an e-reader.

@Monica Thank you. I have gotten my recommendations from other book bloggers. A good way of meeting more is through joining the Sunday Salon group on Facebook; have met a lot of other bloggers through there.

@Mrs. Bacon I have a Kobo Vox, which is like the Kindle Fire. I would recommend getting an e-reader that uses e-ink and therefore more readable in sunlight. I am considering getting a Kobo Touch for that reason so that I can read in the sunlight without jacking up the brightness on my e-reader. If you do get something like a Kobo Vox or a Kindle Fire, you are going to have issues reading in the outdoors.

@Melinda I don't know how I did it, quite honestly. There were a lot of late reading nights and a lot of channel surfing to find sporting events. Also a number of those books were e-books from the library and therefore I could just read it when I needed to. I also didn't do a lot of my memes during that period and just wrote reviews when I got a book done.

I think you just have to sit down and do it. The more you do it, the better you will be at it. It also helps to have some sort of template that allows you to remember what part of the review you are in. Do it and develop your style. You will eventually get it.
Beth said…
I recently read The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and really enjoyed it.

Good luck on you upcoming reads!
Melissa said…
@Beth Thank you for the encouragement.
Caryl said…
That's a great list of books! I'm looking forward to reading My Life in France someday, and that Kitchen Counter book looks great -- I'll have to check it out.
Cassandra said…
12 books in one month! That is impressive.

I want to read Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother and Sarah's Key. Both look really good.

Happy March reading!

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