Goodreads Catch-up Readathon #2

Well, didn't get much done today.  I maybe read about 30 pages and that was only from one book and I haven't even gotten to Macbeth or Hound of Baskervilles or Catherine the Great.  The main problem is that these three are on my ereader and its not great in the sun.  Now if I had an ereader that allowed me to read it in the sun, I would be working on the three of them.  Oh well, guess I will be staying up late tonight working on Catherine the Great and possibly the other two and that's not to mention that I should be starting Bleak House this week.  But with a plane trip on Wednesday, I will possibly get a good chuck of the freebies (Catherine the Great needs to be returned by then and I plan on getting it finished before its due and has to be returned) while I head home from my vacation or maybe I will just sleep.  I am thinking I am going to read Sarah's Key next weekend, as I would like to not rushing to finish the book before my bookclub on the 10th.

I hope everybody has had a good Saturday and I will talk to you in about 24 hours from now. Toodles.


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