Sunday Salon - Reading and other related matters

A lot of you know that a few weeks ago, I was extremely frustrated that I couldn't get myself into the reading groove.  Well, things have changed and I am reading more than I have in probably at least a year and a half.  And you may be wondering what the cause was.  Well…blame it on Facebook app games.  I was spending at least a few hours each day and by the time I was off, I was frustrated and spent and couldn't calm myself down to the point that I could get a lot of reading done.

A little over a week ago, I just made a decision to quit them cold turkey and while I thought about going back and play again, its feeling like I made the right decision.  And the result of that decision is that I have actually sat down and read more in the past week and a half.  Now things were a little crazy until this Saturday afternoon, but nonetheless, reading has become more of priority for me.  Now, if I could do that with going for a daily walk…

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2. Captivity


So many lovely distractions in this world, I think. Apps are one of them. I have personally vowed to avoid all that distracts me from reading.
Alyce said…
I've never gotten into the apps like that, but I have wasted a good amount of time on computer games in the past so I totally understand how it can creep in and steal your time.
Yes, I do get distracted by blogging and the blogosphere...and some Facebook stuff, too.

Sometimes we just have to choose one thing over another.


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