Sunday Salon - I am trying to read

This past week has been particularly bad in regards to my reading.  I love to read and for some strange reason I am finding it hard to get any sort of meaningful reading done.  I can spend time on the bus reading, but it seems that once I get home I can't get myself to get any sort of reading done, at least this week.  Last week I seemed to get my book for my book club meeting done, but that was because I had a deadline and now it just seems that I can't get anything done this week.  I have read quite a bit of The Night Circus and have enjoyed it, but it just seems that when I get home I watch TV until I go to bed.  Maybe I am still trying to get over my dad's absence and it is harder than I thought it would be.  It seems as though I am trying to replace his absence with TV.  I can't even get myself to go through my Google reader when I am home and spend a little bit of time going through that.  It almost seems like I have to force myself to read anything.

Any suggestions as to how I can read get back in the groove of reading again?

ETA: My dad is still alive, but has just relocated elsewhere and hence I don't see him as frequently.  


It's hard when we lose the desire to do even our favorite things. You sound depressed. Keep your chin up. Your desire to read will come back in due course. =O)
Anonymous said…
Hi Melissa!

There are times where I get into bit of a rut with my reading as well. For me, I hit peaks and valleys. My valleys usually come right around the early spring with the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I know it's difficult when you don't have a loved one around to talk with and just enjoy their company. I'm sorry about your father, just try and remember the good times and when you're ready, you'll be back to reading with more frequency.
Last month, I felt as though I were just plodding along in reading. So far, it's a lot better this month...mainly because I'm cutting out some of my other distractions.
Melissa, go easy on yourself. If you love reading, it will come back to you! In the meantime just enjoy what you are doing, and don't worry about (not) reading.
I've been feeling the same way recently but for different reasons. I'm hoping to find that one amazing book that gets me excited again.
Anonymous said…
I completely understand and went through my own book reading slump. It happens and for people who don't read, they don't understand how that in itself can be hard for bibliophiles since reading is out outlet. I wrote a little bit about my own slump this summer. I am attaching my link to that particular post. Chin up and keep us posted!

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