Fall into Reading 2011 - Update #2

These last two weeks have bee pretty bad in regards to reading, as I got stuck basically reading one book.  Part of the reason was that I got a tad depressed and hence got into bit of a reading rut as a result.  Hence I didn't get much done, but this readathon isn't meant for speed and am starting to get out of the rut and almost finished a second book within the last few days, even though it is a book that I have been reading for quite sometime. One thing I have done is cut back on the time that I am spending on Facebook.  Its not that I am quitting cold turkey on that site, its just that the games are starting to take more and more of my time.  That will mean more time reading and hopefully getting the books that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks, not that I am pushing myself.  Basically I am uncomplicating my life by a huge bunch.

Book Reviews:
1.  The Night Circus

My next update will be in two weeks.


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