Fall into Reading 2011 - Update #1

I can't say how much I love this readathon! Can't all readathons be like this?

Anyways, it was a fairly productive 2 weeks, as I completed 2 books and almost managed to finish a third one.  While I have reduced the amount of library books I have out at the present time by quite a few (a bunch came due and had 2 renewals on them), I still have quite a few out and hopefully with the upcoming long weekend here in Canada (its Thanksgiving on Monday), I can get a couple more done, especially with one of them only been a fairly short book and there being a three hour drive both later today and on Monday.

While I have family that I will be visiting with during the weekend, there will be times in which I will have time to do reading, especially since I am cutting down on the amount of time that I spend online.

1. Moneyball
2. Persuasion

My next update will be in two weeks.


I noticed 24 hour readathon posts in your linkwithin widget. Are you participating this October? Let me know. I want to create a list of blogs that I follow so I know to stop by and stalk during the readathon. I'm not asking just to be weird :) I can't wait!!

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