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The question this week is: If you could the ending of any book (or series), which book would you choose? Why and to what?

Honestly I can't say what I would change from a book and what exactly I would change as I probably read books that I want to read no matter what.  And if I do have an idea as to how to change a book or a series, it is usually gone by the time I have finished and put away the book.  But I do know of several TV shows that I would like to change the ending to the show, but that is for another time.

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This weeks question is:
What are you most looking forward to this fall/autumn season - A particular book release?  Halloween? The leaves changing color? Cooler temperatures? A vacation?

I am honestly looking forward to the NHL and NFL seasons starting up.  I am also looking forward to my TV shows coming back and actually having something to watch on TV other than the typical shows on the specialty channels.  How many times can one watch somebody look at homes that I can't afford and how many times can I watch the same news program again and again?  Its getting a little thin.  Even my dvd sets aren't holding my interest, especially since I went through all the Mad Men dvds in about a months time (including watching the episodes with the commentaries and then re-watching the episodes).  I am also looking forward to getting back to work.


Katharyn said…
Yeah. I feel authors end books a certain way because they feel it is right. I love Halloween too! Your Hello Kitty picture is adorable!

New follower! :D
Sharon said…
Hi & Happy Friday :)

I completely agree!

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Have a great weekend..
Happy Friday! Love the fall season.
Karen said…
I am excited about Fall and the cooler weather! I don't watch to many TV shows but I am looking forward to Grimm!
Karen @ Books Beside My Bed
This week's question is definitely a tough one! I picked a book that I didn't particularly enjoy so that I would be as bad about bashing the ending!

I'm a new follower.

Carmel @ Rabid Reads / Twitter
Howard Sherman said…
This week’s question is perfect for Labor Day weekend with the “official” end of summer and all.

I’m all about fall! I love all four seasons and I’m sorry to see summer go (I hope to get in a few more swims in my pool) but I’m also amped up for Autumn.


For most of the same reasons we all like autumn – fall foods, Halloween, the chill in the air, changing leaves and candy corn. But I’ve got a scary slant to why I’m angling for autumn. Hop on over to my book blog at to read all about the murder, mayhem, seriously spooky stuff and even some BSP!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Howard Sherman
Joy said…
It looks like there even might be some new interesting shows coming out this fall. Have a great weekend.;)
Emma Michaels said…
I am an old follower!
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Emma Michaels
Alison Can Read said…
Hopping through. Just looking at your profile...what is the echo generation?
My Hop
Ooh tv series endings, with you there! Lol. But, best tv series ending ever: ROSWELL. Seriously, it was perfect! :) Other than the fact it had to end...

I'm a new follower. Have a great weekend!
KristinCanRead said…
Just hopping through. Friday Post! New Follower!

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