Sunday Salon - Right Now 9.29.13

Listening to… Some really fascinating history podcasts; think my favourite one is The Historyof WWII by Ray Harris, but the British History Podcast by Jamie Jeffers comes in at a very close second.

Eating...  Ate some amazing brazed lamb shank last night; it was so good, but mind you, my friend Alison is a really good cook.

Watching... As I am writing this, I am watching the season 5 finale of Top Chef Masters, but am going to watch another show to clear off my PVR a little bit this morning.

Reading...  Today I am planning to read a bunch of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, read a couple chapters of Agnes Grey, and start The Book Thief.

Making... Other than some breakfast, probably not much

Planning... To do a little cleaning sometime this afternoon; floor needs to be vacuumed and some other things need to be done.

Feeling... A bit tired, but with some coffee and some food, I should wake up.

Loving... That the power hasn’t gone out

Wanting... To have a decent night’s sleep

Thinking...  How tired I feel at the moment

Looking forward to... Doing a bunch of reading today.



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