Sunday Salon - Movie Tie In Covers

I spent yesterday afternoon catching up on podcasts that have gathering dust and one of them was movie-tie-in covers, where they mentioned an article on this topic in which they gave 8 hideous movie-tie-in covers (interestingly enough, they didn't give what movie-tie-in covers that they do like).

Personally, its a personal preference as to whether on purchases a movie-tie-in cover or not.  I know that most readers really don't care what sort of cover that they have, as long as they get their hand on the content that they want to read.  My personal preference is that there are some movie-tie-in's that I actually do like and there are times in which I do seek out the movie-tie-in (or tvshow-tie-in) cover.  And quite honestly there are times when one can only find the movie-tie-in copy of the book on sale.

And if a movie-tie-in gets a person to read something, the more power to them.  I understand that people may have a preference to not purchase a movie-tie-in cover and that there are people that seek the original cover out, as much as possible, but honestly sometimes that isn't possible and personally it borders on snobbery when readers look down on readers that obtain a movie-tie-in cover.  Did we not learn to not judge a book by its cover?

Hopefully talk to you next week.



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