Book podcasts that I listen to

 One of the favourite things I have loved doing during the past few years is listening to podcasts on a wide variety of topics.  Most of the podcasts that I listen to are historical based, but I do listen to a number of book based podcasts.  I am not saying that you have to listen to these podcasts, but am only recommending them for those that may be looking for something to find book recommendations from.

New York Times Book Review - its the only podcast that I subscribe to that comes from a news entity.  There are a number of these types of book reviews, but thing that I like about this podcast is that there usually is an interview or two about a particular book with either the author or the person who wrote a book review for the New York Times.  They also have "Notes from the Field", which looks at the news from the book world and whatever gossip is floating around.  They also look at the NYT bestseller list and point out any new or notable books that are hitting the list or haven't hit the list.

Books on the Nightstand - probably my favourite podcast.  The hosts, Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness, both work in the publishing world and most weeks they talk about books that deal with a certain theme, talk about topical things that are going on in the book world, and give the listener two books they can't wait for you to read.  Some of the books that are suggested I have read because of this particular segment and some I have considered reading as well.  They also host a book festival of sorts called Booktopia in three locations in the States each year and its something I would really like to attend at some point.

Bookrageous - I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast, but I can honestly say that I love it more times than I don't like it.  The one thing that I don't like is the fact that the podcasts are frequently over an hour, but I do like hearing what the hosts are reading each time that they are reading and I do like the various topics that they talk about and that the show notes include most, if not all, of the books that are mentioned throughout the podcast.  Definitely the quirkiest podcast that I listen to.  The one thing that I kinda don't like about the book is that they emphasize buying rather than borrowing books and if you buy, you should try to purchase from independent book sellers instead of the big book sellers, but all in all, its pretty good and enjoy listening to them.  I heard about this podcast through Books on the Nightstand.

The Readers - This is a British-based podcast that I have enjoyed listening to over the years that I have also gotten recommendations from.  More often than not, the hosts talk with each other and have been doing it for a number of years. They have done a number of author interviews, but mostly they talk about the books they are reading or have read and authors that they enjoyed over the years and just general book stuff.  I heard about this podcast through Books on the Nightstand.

You Wrote the Book! - A fairly new podcast that has hit the ever clutter book podcast world and this one is author interviews.  The host was one of the original hosts of The Readers.  I can't really describe it because I haven't listened to enough of it, but I am hoping that it gains some steam and that it introduces me to authors that I would have otherwise not heard from.

Book Riot : The Podcast - Another new book podcast on the scene and this one is based on the popular book site, Book Riot.  I have listened to about 7 episodes and am starting to like this book.  There are some book recommendations in the podcast, but mostly the two hosts talk about things are of note, but mainly topics that have appeared on the site.  I would describe it as a podcast for those that are book lovers and love anything to do with books.  Like a New York Times and The Readers, large amounts of time are spent on news-worthy book stuff like the whole thing with Stephen King not releasing his latest book as an e-book.  If you read Book Riot, either through an RSS feed or on Facebook or through email subscriptions, you probably would enjoy this one.

I hope that you will at least give one of these book podcasts a chance.  I have linked to each show's main page and if you choose to subscribe, you can use the method you prefer.  Happy listening and hopefully happy reading.


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