#ArmchairBEA 2012 - Day 3: Why I don't physically network

I realize that should network my blog more.  I have complained about the lack of comments on my blog in the past and that has usually made me rethink why I blog.  Sure I realize that I should be hosting meme's, events, etc., but honestly after hosting an event that basically flopped because somebody else put an event on the same weekend as mine (I think we even were using the same hashtag), I don't  feel much like getting burned again.

Now you may ask, why not book tours or ARCs? Its a good idea, but quite honestly, I have enough books to read that I don't need more.  I am also a relative slow reader and it can sometimes take me awhile to finish a book and I like to take in the details of the book.  Basically I want to experience the book.  And I feel that if I constrained by a fixed time, I should go back to get my minor in English Lit (I am about 2 or 3 courses short and no, I don't care, because I really was a poor English Lit student, even though I have a great love for literature; I just can't express it on paper for some reason).  I hate deadlines, other than the deadline to get the item back to the library.  I want to have the flexibility to finish a book.

That being said, I do have a dedicated page for my blog on Facebook and I have a dedicated Twitter account for my blog and I do connect to my blog through my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts and do connect through Google Plus and do allow people to read my posts in Google reader or to have them sent to their email accounts. And I do post in Sunday Salon on a somewhat regular basis and I try to participate in readalongs (seem to always fall flat on my face on those).

So I guess in my Introverted way, I do network through social networks, but that is about it.  Sometimes I will participate in a blog hop feature, but sometimes I am just not interested in the question or can't really think of an answer, especially if its something creative.  I prefer standard questions that don't require me to think creatively a lot.  I like questions that I can answer within one or two sentences.  Asking me to cast my favourite book...you aren't going to get anything out of me.  Look at my answers for those sort of blog hop memes (Teaser Tuesdays, the blog hop hosted by Crazy for Books, Musing Mondays, etc.) and you will see a pattern in that I like questions that require  straightforward questions and while I know that Sunday Salon requires some creativity in that I have to think of the topic myself, it usually becomes a place where I can let my thoughts and feelings on whatever I want to talk about, including me complaining about not being able to read, etc.


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