Booking Through Thursday - Writing or Riveting?

This week Booking Through Thursday asks:

What’s more important: Good writing? Or a good story?
(Of course, a book should have BOTH, but…)

For me it would be writing because that what makes the story riveting and can draw the reader in.  Of course the writing can be beautiful, but the story can be utter crap and that would then defeat the purpose.  But honestly, good writing can draw me in more into the story than a good story because its what I feel like makes it a good story.  How an author weaves their words and make you feel as though you are intruding on somebody's life for a moment is probably slightly more important than the story because its the words that make a good story, not the other way around.


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Flame:) said…
Hmm I have to say, its the story that's more important for me! :) I really need the story to be great or I wouldn't be able to love it. I do agree that the words of the author is what draws you in though! I guess they're both equally important?

Here's mine:
Anya Millar said…
. . . have to say I agree to a point but I can forgive poor or weak writing easier than a bad story.
Thought provoking post though! Thanks.

Here's my BTT ~ House Millar series

Eva said…
If I have to choose I can live more easily with average language and great story than the opposite.
My answer is here:
DawnTreader said…
I tend to agree with you! I think it's awfully hard to answer this kind of question without actual examples in mind, though.
Gigi Ann said…
I have to partially agree with you. However, you can find my answer here today...
I agree with some of your points. As I say in my response today, it's the premise that makes me pick up a book initially. Then a great voice or tone keeps me reading. Great answer!
This was one of those hopeless choices...I really need both, too. But here's MY THURSDAY MEMES POST and here’s
You really need them both.

here's mine:
Boriquaz said…
It's the story for me. But I agree with you as well.

Here's my BTT.

Happy Reading!
Cathy @Addicted to Books
Josette said…
Wow, well said, Melissa. I think good writing is important as well.
NerdBliss said…
I could make an argument for either answer, but that made it a fun question.
WhimsicalWillow said…
I am a new follower. :)
My answer was a little different.
Check it here

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