Sunday Salon - Not in the mood

The Sunday Its funny what can get me in the mood to read,  but its also interesting what can get me in the mood to not read.  Several things can get me in a mood that I don't want to read anything:

• A Canucks win in the playoffs.  For me that's a strange one due to the fact that I am fairly big Canucks fan, but I suppose the fact that I am in such a good mood and am on Cloud 9 and therefore can't concentrate on reading

• A really bad Canucks loss anytime.  I am so hyper over the fact that they had a bad loss that I can't concentrate properly and am so wrapped up in the emotion that comes with a really bad loss, even if they make it a close game in.  For example, Game 3 in the Western Conference final I got so p---ed off due to some stupid moves by a player on the opposing team.  Even though I didn't exactly watch the game, I got so mad, that my concentration focused on other things and my mind went wacko.  Really bad losses tend to get me in a sour mood and therefore the concentration is broken.

• Focusing on things that I can't control and that I get obsessed about.  Its almost like I go into another zone and my focus is on that particular thing.  Whether it be bad or good, I just get into something and don't want to break away from it and not miss anything.

• When I am in TV series mood.  When I get into this mode, I can't seem to do anything else for that matter.  I even forget about my online life and just concentrate on whatever tv series I am watching at that moment.  Nothing else really matters at the time.


There is nothing that knocks me out of being in a reading mood!

Here's my Sunday Salon: Summer, Here I Come! I hope you will stop by!
Anonymous said…
TV series definitely knock me out of a reading mood. Netflix Instant is no help.

Sports don't put me out of a reading mood, but Sunday afternoons do sometimes...especially with warm weather or rainy weather. I just want to nap. Of course, it might be the fact that I come from a home where we were ingrained to take naps.

Anyhoo...welcome to The Sunday Salon. Stop by some others and they'll stop by least that's what I've found in my own limited experience. Have fun.
I'm definitely one of those who obsesses over things...and gets distracted.

S. Leighanne said…
I get easily distracted. It happens to me A LOT. And I agree, Netflix is definitely no help for me!
Glad that you've joined the Salon!
Here's my Salon post for the week!
Anonymous said…
I've been known to get distracted with reading as well, in particular when it comes to hockey! I was particularly disappointed when my Caps were swept by the Bolts!

I'm definitely looking forward to an exciting Stanley Cup Final between the Canucks and the Bruins, should be a good one!

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today!

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