First Chapter - First Paragaph(s) - Tuesday Intros

This week's choice:
The Book of Neogroes by Lawrence Hill
Originally published January 2007

I seem to have trouble dying.  By all rights, I should not have lived this long.  But I still can smell trouble riding on any wind, just as surely as I could tell you whether it is a stew of chicken necks or pigs' feet bubbling in the iron pot on the fire.  And my ears still work just as good as a hound dog's.  People assume that just because you don't stand as straight as a sapling, you're deaf.  Or that your mind is like pumpkin mush.  The other day, when I was being led into a meeting with a bishop, one of the society ladies told another, "We must get this woman into Parliament soon.  Who know how much longer she'll be with us?" Half bent though I was, I dug my fingers into her ribs.  She let out a shriek and spun around to face me.  "Careful," I told her, " I may outlast you!"


Nise' said…
The first sentence is attention grabbing!

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