Literary Blog Hop

Literary Blog Hop

This week The Blue Bookcase asks:
Tell about one author that you love and why his or her writing is unique. Please be specific.

This is a loaded question, as I could probably tell you why I love reading, but I don't know if I can put the specifics into the answer like some of the other responses that I have read.  But if I have to, I suppose I will give it the old college try.  Here I go...

One author that I love is Jane Austen.  I realize that is a cop-out due to the fact there are a lot of readers who like her and it may sound cheesy, but I really do like her.  One reason that I like her is that for a single woman of her era, she is insightful into human relationships and it seems that her insight is quite good.  She also does it with a humanity that a reader in the 21st century can understand, along with humor and grace that makes her books readable.

I realize that I didn't exactly go into detail and specifics as to why I love Jane Austen, but I tried my best.  Once again, I apologize.


CHE said…
A lovely post. Jane Austen's insight and grace are certainly unique. I think she's one of my earliest favorites. I'm following you now.
Christina said…
Yes! I agree that Jane Austen is unique. Thanks for participating in the hop. :)
Anonymous said…
Jane Austen is brilliant - I'm not sure most people really understand how genius her works are. The satire and humor, in particular, are incomparable - but also her knowledge of the Gothic Romance genre and style and how she employs that in parody.. ah, so good. I definitely don't mind this choice - mine is a writer who is a bit more bizarre but brilliant, in my opinion. :)

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