Sunday Salon - Right Now 10.27.13

Time... 2:19 pm
Place... In my living room
Listening to... Catching up on podcasts
Eating... Just finishing up some coffee; started breakfast late, which became brunch

Watching... Wednesday's episode of Top Chef and other stuff on my PVR
Reading...I just finished up Longbourn this week and haven't been really reading much this past week due to just being really busy and having to watch a bunch of library DVDs this past week
Making... Was thinking of making cookies this afternoon, but at this point I don't know, as I have a bunch of laundry to do today before work tomorrow.  Maybe this evening instead.

Planning... Nothing really at the moment; planning on spending a lot of time at home reading this coming week

Feeling...  a bit rushed and anxious; I'll probably be fine in a bit

Loving... the fact that it really hasn't rained for the past month

Wanting... to just calm down and feel calm

Thinking... about not getting too far ahead of myself

Looking forward to... Saturday's Canucks game against the Leafs; the most prolific Canucks player is finally getting his number raised to the rafters and even though I am not going to game in person, it is a game that I am looking forward to.
• Longbourn by Jo Baker (review


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