Agnes Grey - Anne Brontë

Title: Agnes Grey
Author: Anne Brontë
Pages (File Size): 110 pages (352 KB)
Published: 2004 (originally published 1847)
Challenges: E-book, The Classics Club
Genre: Classics, Fiction, Literature
Edition: E-book
Source: Personal

Description: When her family becomes impoverished after a disastrous financial speculation, Agnes Grey determines to find work as a governess in order to contribute to their meagre income and assert her independence. But Agnes’s enthusiasm is swiftly extinguished as she struggles first with the unmanageable Bloomfield children and then with the painful disdain of the haughty Murray family; the only kindness she receives comes from Mr Weston, the sober young curate. (via Goodreads)

Thoughts: This was my first Anne Brontë book and I came away with lukewarm feelings. I have read other books about governess' and really felt that it was a bit weak and not something that I particularly enjoyed.  I realize that it was her first book, but I felt that it was pushed ahead with publishing due to the popularity of her sister's book, Jane Eyre, one that I have enjoyed over the years and remains a favourite of mine.  

Bottom line: It was okay and maybe it deserves a reread at some point to get a better sense of the book, but at this point I am feeling rather lukewarm about the book.  Its a solid read and there are some places in the book in which the story flows better than others. I would probably recommend to read something by Charlotte Brontë before reading this.  Recommended.

Rating:  3/5

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